Your global ingredients partner

Reliable delivery of quality ingredients is not always easy to find. With experience and contacts all over the world, we will meet your needs.

Consistent quality

Right from the start we make sure the quality is high by sourcing from producers who are well-known by us. Via blending we can tighten the specification, if needed.

Global access

The combination of a strategic location and a trusted network ensures we can source and deliver quickly and reliably anywhere in the world.


With a wealth of experience, contacts and resources, we can provide the solution you seek. We call it ‘service made to measure’.

When everything comes together

Through a unique local-to-local sales network, we are the in-road to the main pet food and feed markets for ingredient producers. At the same time we will find the product for pet food and feed producers they are looking for. If we can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Yet.

The capabilities of our facility in Teuge, The Netherlands:


We have 3 separated zones in Teuge. If needed, we can store closer to your facilities in order to ensure even quicker supply with a minimum amount of ‘food miles’.


If the product is not available in the right or consistent quality we can blend different qualities to reach your desired specification. Traceability will of course be maintained.


Most products are available in different particle sizes. By grinding the product(s) we can reach a homogene input material for you.


Unfortunately many producers still deliver product with foreign bodies and/or lumps. By sieving the material you will get a clean, free-flowing product.


In many cases the raw material is not available in the desired product format. We can solve this. If this capacity is not yet available in our current facility, we will always find a solution.

Always ingredients at hand

During the Covid 19 pandemic we learned the value of the availability of ingredients. We have the capacity to maintain a safety stock in different parts of the world. This way you will never be without supply, and your production won’t be disrupted by the absence of an ingredient.


We are proud to play a role in the re-usage of by-products that are otherwise discarded. Our aim is to maximise the value of every product stream.

Less food miles
We will always try to find the product as close to your business as possible. If it is not available locally, we will try to (co-)create it. Only if this proves to be impossible, we go the extra mile to source the ingredients from elsewhere.

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