We really understand where our ingredients come from and how they are being produced. Our wide range of products and services enables you to choose ingredients that are the best for your formulations.

We are happy to help you to make your supply chain more reliable, efficient and sustainable. Whether it is about delivering the best ingredients, as fresh as possible, or standardizing your ingredients tailored to your exact needs.


Finding catered solutions to petfood producers
and ingredient manufacturers

Crafted in the Netherlands

Our modern production facility is strategically located right in the middle of the Netherlands, an important international, multimodal logistics hub. Cargo arriving in the port by ship, rail, or road can be efficiently transported to the hinterland and vice versa. We follow a strict process to ensure quality and consistency. We have a small team of very dedicated professionals which are on top of every step of the process ensuring that every ingredient is inspected for quality before it is further processed. Our tolling services enable you to quickly develop new products tailored to your needs and create the perfect fit between your product and customer. We can run small and big batches and have short production and lead times.

Controlling the supply chain

Control over every aspect of the ingredient supply chain is our top priority. You can rely on us to meet your fundamental needs as a buyer, from providing you the highest quality raw materials to delivering them safely to your factory, on time in full. Security of supply is an important risk management tool that we can offer to you – security in availability, in quality, in sustainability and in price.

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