We produce strong and very effective Freshness Protection Products. Our AlvaroX products are protecting the lipid components in pet foods and rendered products. Alvarox products increase the product shelf life, preserve freshness, and protect the active ingredients. We are specialists in natural antioxidants made of ingredients like vitamins and powerful herbal extracts. Each component in our antioxidants serves a specific purpose and some ingredients work best together. Want to know why our products are effective at low dosage? Call, or visit our website.

Organic Acids

All natural ingredients are exposed to bacteria growth. Heat treatment is effective but doesn’t provide prolonged protection against recontamination in many cases. Heat treatment is not selective and destroys good bacteria along with the bad. We offer different formulations of organic acids that function in a selective manner and allow the beneficial bacteria to remain active. Our organic acids work in pet food ingredients and in the finished products.

Strong and very effective shelf-life extenders

  • Increase product shelf life
  • Preserve freshness
  • Protect active ingredients
  • Have no effect on the smell or colour
  • Super effective at low dosage
  • Blend very easily into the final product

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