We mix and standardize your products to reach your desired specification. In this way we can create a very consistent product year-round. We can also blend different ingredients together in order to reduce complexity at the final producer. We can receive any type of packaging like big-bags, liner-bags, small bags, boxes and of course bulk carriers. Ingredients of multiple particle size, color and composition will end up as homogenized and standardized products which can be shipped in different types of packaging forms.

Grinding and sieving

Grinding into different granulations is literally the heart of our factory. We convert coarse fractions down to finer particle sizes. We can work with multiple, friable products that, in combination with our sieves, allow for precise particle size control and the removal of plastic and metal pieces.


From bulk to big-bags or bagged goods to bulk container or truck; any combination is possible. We can pack the product in a bag with your own logo or we use a neutral one. Our de-bagging installations are equipped with sieves in different mesh sizes, magnets, metal detection and automatic sampling devices.


Our finished goods storage consists of 3 separated zones. We can also organize cost effective storage for you closer to your facilities in order to ensure quicker supply with less ‘food miles’. For seasonal products we offer storage and just-in-time deliveries throughout the year to assure a uninterrupted flow of products to your factory. When you work with us, you will have a dedicated customer service and we coordinate your storage and shipping needs to ensure timely delivery at the lowest possible cost.

Shelf-life extension

Want to keep your products safer and fresher for a longer period? We can treat your ingredients with our blends of organic acids to reduce the enterobacterial load and add our super effective (natural) antioxidants to extend the shelf-life. In this way your ingredients are better protected. Please consult us for ‘label friendly’ options.

Knowing ingredients

  • Traceability of ingredients in finished goods
  • Homogeneous blends
  • Grinding between 600 and 2000 microns
  • Contamination prevention
  • In line sampling
  • Metal detection and magnets
  • Laboratorium services
  • Shelf-life extension

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